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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 33 - 10 minutes

Im not very good at just throwing things together. I find I take ages to do a layout, and even if I do it quickly there has still been alot of rearranging etc. However, I find that with the size of the cards I can kinda throw things on and it works alright.

These cards were made with a distinct idea in my head - and it still took just over 10 minutes... but I like them!!

xx Siâny!

Week 32 - Quiet

I work at the Swiss Cottage on Wed nights and then Fri night lunch and dinner until Sunday. So, during the week I have plenty of time to scrap, sleep in and do what I want!!

Since Johnny works during the week, its very quiet around here! Except for when Murray the cat decides to come in and out of the house all day. Oh, and the bells from the goats. But apart from that - very quiet!! lol!!

When I saw the prompt I automatically thought of the Bjork song... thus the title! The back of the card is using my latest fave thing to do - cover everything with HS stickers... lol!!

Hope you like it!!

xx Siâny!

Week 31 - No Regrets

I moved in with Johnny when I was only 17. We've now been together for 4 years and living together for 3, and I dont regret any of it!!
(Sorry about the blurry photos!!)

xx Siâny

Week 30 - Count your Blessings

Fairly simple for me -

"I am so lucky to have beautiful friends and family. Happy healthy and loving life."

I used up my old Thickers on this one! Love these colours!

xx Siany

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week 29 - Define Perfection

So once again I am over a month behind.... just finding it hard to feel motivated to do my cards, but once I start I love it!!

So here is week 29 - Perfection.

Journalling reads:

There is no such thing! I used to be jealous of people who seemed to be better at things than me, but I now realise everyone has their own talents - and no one is perfect. Life is perfect when you decide it is. Aug 07
Those cute little stickers are from the Warehouse! Bargain! And so is the mesh. The silver leather is from the August RVA kit.

Thanks for stopping by!
xox Siany
PS I am fully caught up, just dont have time to post them all atm... will share in the am!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Week 28 - Goal for the Week!!

My goal this week is to sort out my scrapbooking cupboards. I have several massive cupboards where Johnny throws all my junk in to hide it from view. But now its time to clean out the junk and organise the good stuff!! Im sure I'll be more inspired to scrap then!!Thanks for popping by!! Be sure to check out my lower posts too! I uploaded several cards today!! Im finally caught up again!!

xx Siany!!

Week 27 - Junk Mail

We've only just started receiving junk mail as we changed our letterbox and the "NO JUNK MAIL" sign is gone!!

I actually love junk mail, but I wasnt sure what to do for this card, so I just ended up using the only one I had nearby (an Australia Post leaflet) to do a card about my phone!I have a Nokia 6111 that my dad bought me for my birthday last year, and with Optus I get a really good call cap deal!! TFL!!
xx Siany

Week 26 - Daughters!

Obviously I dont have children of my own, but I AM a daughter. Ive always been a daddys little girl and I think Im a mummas girl too!

Being the eldest in a family of 3 kids, I was always the first to 'experience' everything, and I see my brothers are allowed to do things that I wasnt at their age. But at the same time, it has taught me to be more grown up and fend for myself.

Ive never been a girly-girl, especially growing up with two brothers. My dad always said he wanted enough kids to make a footy team....

But I love being a girl, and I love being a daughter! And Im pretty sure my parents love it too!!

xx Siany

Week 25 - Photo that Means Something To Me

Heres another card I did a while ago... Im hoping to catch up on the rest today!!

This photo is of my cousins, my brothers and I. Its very rare that our family get together for a photo, and it probably took about 10 minutes to sort everyone out just to pose for this photo. My eldest cousin Rhiannon wasnt there, but it was still nice to get this photo!Sorry about the blurriness!!}

I borrowed Jess' 7 Gypsies stamp again for the journalling!!
So, hopefully will post the rest later this afternoon!!
xxx Siany

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week 24 - Remember When....

So its been a long time since I last updated.... sorry...

I did finish these cards quite a few weeks ago, I just never got around to uploading them!! Been too busy scrapping big layouts!! (see my blog)

So this is my card for Week 24. Back in high school (3 years ago already!!!) my bestie Neata and I were inseparable!! She used to spend every weekend at my house, and we'd walk home from school together every day.

Shes since moved interstate with her bf Scotty, and we're not in contact as much as we used to be. But I do miss her heaps, and its fun to look back on old pics, and remember stuff from back then!!

xx Siany

Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 23 - Right Now

Right Now - June 2007
  • Working at the Swiss Cottage
  • Living at the Farm with Johnny
  • I have two kitties - Ringo and Murray
  • I love scrapbooking
  • I want to learn how to sew
  • I am bored Mon - Fri
  • I am nearly 20 yrs old
  • I miss my daddy
  • I cant cook
  • I am Lorinda Sian Young
This is me right now. So plain and simple I jotted it down! xx Siany!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Week 22 - I'd like to learn..... to sew better!!

I love making little things like purses and bags, but I'd love to learn the correct techniques and technical terms... lol

You can see some stuff Ive sewn here.

xx Siany!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Week 21 - Qualities I aspire towards

This was definitely the hardest challenge yet! I seriously sat there not knowing what to write.

I ended up journalling the qualities I believe I do have, and the qualities I aspire towards, in point form.

The journalling is inside the envelope on the back of the card.
xx Siany

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Week 20 - CHANGE

Im not good with change. Once I settle into a familiar routine, I dont like to change it.

I dont like to be confronted with situations that Im not in control of. I dont like to apply for jobs. I dont like to go to the mechanic in case I go in the wrong door.

I think for me, change means 'unfamiliarity' which I DO NOT LIKE.

So, my card this week says:

"Things must change, and I dont like it. But I must change and learn to take risks. Its time to start doing things that will be scary but are going to be best for me and my future. Change is scary but always works out for the best after the first step"

I think I need to hang this card where I can see it every day to remind myself of this message!!

xx Siany

Week 19 - Surprise!!

This is my 'surprise' card - I couldnt be bothered typing out the story behind it so Ive just ripped it off my other blog!!

And I quote:

"The funniest thing happened when we were driving along a VERY busy road... (well its funny now; it wasn't funny at the time!!)

We had our windows down when I noticed a MASSIVE huntsman crawl in my window!! We were both squealing and Jess is trying not to crash the car!! It crawled back out so I quickly shut the window and we pulled over to try and squash it. (Cruel, I know, but it was his life or ours!!)

It disappeared so we got back in the car and drove to lunch. After lunch we spent another 15 minutes looking for the thing before Jess would drive again! We couldnt find it, so we went to Woolworths and bought a big expensive tin of spider spray, sprayed the entire car and drove off to Chatswood to meet John.

Thats when the thing came out again!!! This time, Jess slammed the brakes on JUST in time (or we would have hit the car in front) and we pulled into a carpark, spent about 10 minutes spraying the spider, flicking it across the carpark and watching it to make sure it didnt come back!!

I somehow managed to take a photo of it on my phone.... YUCK!!!"

Monday, May 21, 2007

My decorated tin to store my cards!!

After seeing the beautiful tin that Jess made the other week for her cards, I was inspired to use the tin that Ive had lying around for months now!!

I think Im in love!!

Let me know what you think, and link me to yours - I'd love to see what everyone else is using!!! Oh - and I'll be catching up on my last two cards tonight - I promise!!

So check back soon!!
xx Siany

PS Sorry theyre a bit yellow - they were taken by lamp-light.... was too excited to wait until morning!! lol

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Week 18 - Nature

Living in Australia, I think we are surrounded by SOO many different kinds of nature.

The bush,
the beach,
the mountains,
the snow,
the rain forests,
the city (yes, theres something natural there somewhere!).

So I couldnt decide which part of 'nature' I like best.

I ended up doing my card on how I love the many colours of nature!! Everything is so bright and colourful and the best part is - its all natural!!

Week 17 - Bedroom

Well, my bedroom isnt very exciting. Theres about 20 of us that sleep in there - including myself, Johnny (my boyfriend), Ringo & Murray (my cats), Muffy, Ted, Bunny and various others (my teddy bears).

So my card this week has no pics - my bedroom is WAY too messy to share it with the world...

Hope you likie!! Sorry Ive been faling (way!) behind!!


Friday, May 4, 2007

Week 16 - Get someone else to contribute

Hi everyone... yes its been a while. Im normally pretty good with keeping up with my cards, but this week I was stuck.

I wanted to do something original and not just get Johnny to sign his name so I ummed and ahhd (how do u spell that?!!?) and couldnt come up with anything.

Then by chance on Monday afternoon, I spoke to Lusi Austin on the phone, and we arranged a 'driving thru the neighbourhood' kinda scrap. Ive only ever met Lusi in person about 3 times (even though we live in the same side of town!!), and we've never really spoken for more than a few minutes at a time, so this was exciting!

After a few hours of admiring each others scrap LOs and looking through Lusi's HUGE stash, we decided to do a card swap - perfect for that weeks challenge!!

So this is what Lusi came up with. She is such a resourceful gal and I LOVE that!! All those cute tags on the side are recycled. I dont know how she makes her cards and layouts so FULL but I think its a talent!!

So thats my entry in Week 16 challenge!! And Im proud to have it in my collection as proof that we finally met!!

xx Siany!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Week 15 - My Parents

This challenge was simple. I really dont have to go into depth to say how much I love my parents. They brought me here and brought me up! And I love them both to bits, even though dad lives over 16 hours away!!
I had my sewing machine out because I was creating today (see it here on my blog!!) so I decided to sew some scraps onto my card, then put the Heidi Swapp stickers (My faves, and I cant find them anywhere anymore!!) over the top!! Pretty plain and simple, but thats all I needed this week!!

Love my parents!!

xx Siany

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Week 14 - Birds

To be honest, Im scared of birds. I hate the way they flap their dirty wings around, and fly at you and.... yuck. I just dont like them.

So last week, when Johns magician friend Jonas came up to stay, and he brought his doves with him, I was a little frightened.... I never got closer than a few metres to them, and just after Jonas promised 'theyre trained doves, they dont fly at you' - it flew at me!!

Jonas uses his doves in his magic act. He is amazing!! I hate any performances or acts to do with animals as I do think its cruel, but when I saw the way Jonas treats his animals with such care, it changed my mind a bit.

Johnny has now decided he wants to buy some doves from Jonas to train. I personally think its not such a good idea. Johnny knows nothing about birds. We have two cats who happen to love birds (a little too much), and I cant stand them!!

John bought some foam doves to use as a joke in his act, so Im happy for him to use them.... But Jonas has said his doves have just laid eggs and he'll be giving John two of the doves when theyre a few months old. Until then, I'll try and convince Johnny otherwise.....

I used a photo of the two 'fakies' and wrote 'Jonas has real doves.... John has pretend doves' (yeah, creative, I know!!) The two flowers down the sides are to represent dove wings!!

The front has a vellum cutout of a dove with cardstock stickers!!

Well!! Im off to see everyone elses cards for the week!!

xx Siany!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Week 13 - Whats On My Mind?!

I cant believe its Week 13 already!! I was so excited for this week - couldnt wait for Emily to post up the challenge! Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by!! I LOVE reading all the kind words!! Feel free to stop by my other blog where I often post my Scrap layouts, and just general stuff from my everyday life!! I love reading new comments!!


This week was too easy for me. One thing I CONSTANTLY think about is the future. Next week, next year, 3 years, 10 years... it scares me!!

SO.. whats on my mind?? The future.

I printed a photo to take up the whole card, then used a metal frame around me. Lace and this ribbon technique are my latest fave things!!

Journalling on the back....

Thanks for looking!!


xx Siany!!